Help young people to discover and develop their gifts and talents


Help youth to:
Find their interest and gifts
Develop their gifts and talent
Help others (pay it forward)
Make good and positive friendship
Enjoy life and have fun without drugs and negative addictions
Become leaders in their capacity

Every person has value and unique potential
Every person has gifts and talents
Every person can lead someone
Fun should not bring regrets
We all need good friends
Helping others helps yourself
All are welcome!!


What we do

1, Events
We want to do events that help young people to have a good time, make positive friendship and encourage creativity and propose.

2, Courses
We do different courses that can help young people to find their interests.
We do courses that will help young people to develop their gifts and talents.
Courses like dance, music, acting and other creative things.
Almost anything that can help them.

3, Trips
We want to do trips with different flavors. With the propose to serve people
We connect serving others with experience and a lot of fun.


The House started as a dream by Josef Barkenbom.